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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 27, 2014 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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holding an american aid worker. >> we were told to get off to the shuttle. the shuttle went away. >> crews worked out night to repair problems with bart service during yesterday's evening commute. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." 3 days later more aftershoc north ba and good wednesday morning, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. three days later, more aftershocks continue to hit the north bay and lawrence likely more to come. >> maybe for over the next couple of weeks we'll continue to feel aftershocks as the ground continues to settle in after that earthquake we had on early sunday morning. looks like those cluster of earthquakes continuing right along the west napa fault line. the biggest one we had was just about 24 hours ago. that was a 3.9. now, this morning, we have seen some more earthquakes. last one coming on what looks to be a different fault this one just north of healdsburg on the healdsburg fault there. that one occurring early this
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morning at 3:36 at about a 2.2. it's a microquake, a small quake. so far it looks unrelated but, of course, all these fault systems are transferring energy in between each other. there's a chance that one could have been affected by that earthquake on sunday, as well. that's the latest here, guys. back to you. >> thank you. napa slowly getting back to normal after sunday's earthquake as students finally return back to the classrooms today. kpix 5's anne makovec is live up in napa now where schools have become dumping zones over the last few days. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. i'm here at napa high school and just within the past half- hour, a crew came in and started cleaning up this huge mound of debris here behind me and they are making very quick work of it by hand and also with large machinery right now. so it could be cleared out in time for schools to start here this morning. school sites have been used here in napa for trash dump sites over the last few days.
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people bringing items damaged in the quake that quickly added up at sites like this. the city chose schools for the drop-off sites because they were easily accessible but now the city is admitting things got out of hand with more debris on the way. >> we had the earthquake in 2000. this is a rough guesstimate i'm going to guess that this is going to be about 6 times that event. >> reporter: new trash drop-off sites are located there at the locations on your screen. laurel and first streets, las flores community center, and bernal and third streets. back out live at napa high school where they are cleaning up this mess. now, all napa schools are going to be open today except for state bridge school. they are going to open on september 2. all these school sites have been inspected by architects and engineers and deemed safe by the school district. >> i know schools are required to have a certain number of
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classroom hours to get funding. is there any impact on that funding because of the two days missed because of the earthquake? >> reporter: there is an emergency clause in that rule. so they are not going to lose out on any funding from the state. live in napa, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the shaking scared a lot of pets and many are missing. now there's a facebook page to help find them. people can post photos of lost and found animals on the missing pets of napa quake page along with their contact information. the napa animal shelter says it's also picked up a lot of dogs. aftershocks are still shaking the napa area. the strongest was a 3.9 at 5:33 yesterday morning. the usgs last night updated its estimates on the chances of more earthquakes. and it says the risk of a 5.0 aftershock over the next seven days has now fallen to 12%. it was 54%. the risk sunday's quake was a
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foreshock is down to 2%. earlier, it was between 5 and 10%. and remember, you can find complete coverage of the napa earthquake on our website, well, some good news for east bay folks that commute. you can take bart all the way on the pittsburg-bay point line this morning. bart crews fixed track problems overnight. it started during the afternoon commute yesterday. a wheel problem did some damage to the tracks near the pleasant hill station. so train service came to a halt and passengers were very frustrated. >> hot, hot, sweating, hot. >> it was terrible. >> we were told to get off, use the shuttles. the shuttles were sent away. >> bart was able to run trains on a single track through the pleasant hill station last night. this morning, though, service is completely restored on that line. which, elizabeth, that's a big relief for commuters out there. >> it is. i know. bart actually sent us an update. we he were all standing by watching -- we were all standing by watching. they told us all the repair
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work is done overnight so everything could be systemwide no delays. there are now 50 bart trains running like clockwork especially on the pittsburg-bay point line. ace train looking good, ferries, caltrain. all mass transit not having much of an issue so far to start you off on your morning commute. at 6:05, we have a couple of problems on the road, though. southbound 880 coming into free. approaching decoto road with a traffic break to clear the accident. all lanes are open. we have a backup in the southbound lanes heading to fremont. past decoto it looks okay. sluggish past the scene and then it clears out. northbound san leandro 880 at davis street an accident there may still be blocking the off- ramp and you can see some delays right now on northbound 238 trying to get on the nimitz freeway. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. three people are dead the result of a traffic accident on interstate 680 near benicia. the chp says the victims were in kia spectra that collided
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can another car at the lake herman off-ramp. it then slammed into a drainage canal. all the victims, in their 70s were wearing seatbelts and the airbags worked probably. san francisco became a memorable stop for all the wrong reasons for two vacationers from the netherlands. the two were taking photos of crooked lombard street when a man with a gun robbed them of their cameras and a tripod. this happened sunday night just before midnight. san francisco police say the robber and an accomplice fled. mexico's president wrapping up a two-day visit to california with an appearance at the state capital in sacramento. president enrique pena nieto spoke to a joint session of the legislature. he talked about the strong relationship between california and mexico. the governor said california is moving forward on key issues without washington. outside the meeting hundreds protested the mexican president's visit. they are demanding he release
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u.s. marine sergeant andrew thomarissi. he was arrested last march when he accidentally drove into mexico with three legally purchased guns. >> here we have mexican citizens coming over our borders and they are not treated in the same manner in which mexico treats our citizens. >> protestors believe the man is being held illegally. support is growing for darren wilson who shot michael brown. his backers raised $400,000 online for potential legal defense and a facebook page for the officer has more than 72,000 likes. >> i think it's important to show support for the police in general. sure, there may be a bad seed here or there, but when it comes down to it, if you have to make that phone call and you need help, you want a cop to come and help you out. >> police say wilson shot brown at least 6 times on august
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9th. witnesses say the teen had surrendered with his hands up. brown was unarmed. happening today at san jose city hall, the naacp is holding a rally in solidarity with protestors in ferguson. demonstrators in san jose will call for systemic change to prevent similar shootings and the use of excessive force by officers. the rally starts at 5:00. time now 6:08. a journalist held by extremists in syria for almost two years is home. more on his homecoming straight ahead. >> and we're hearing from a boy crushed by a chimney in the napa quake. coming up the teen talks about the disaster that almost killed him. >> just a few patches of fog around the bay area with high pressure overhead. going to get hot in some spots. we'll tell you where coming up. >> and taking a check of the bay bridge, live look right now it is stacked up through the macarthur maze about 20 minutes already to get you on to that span. we'll take a check of the roads, see how they are shaping up. it's all after this break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the extremist group that ki american journalist james f is holding another american captive. the ho developing right now the group that killed american journalist james foley is holding another american captive. the hostage a 26-year-old woman who was doing humanitarian aid work in syria. she is not being identified. islamic state militants are demanding more than $6 million in exchange for the hostage. and another american journalist held hostage in syria for nearly two years finally back home in the united states this morning. 45-year-old peter theo curtis released by an al qaeda-linked militant group. got some pictures of curtis with his mother. the reunion in boston yesterday. the government of qatar helped secure his relief. the latest cease-fire in gaza is holding. the truce is brokered by egypt. israel has agreed to lift
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restrictions on travel, trade and fishing in gaza. hamas declared victory after 7 weeks of fighting and more than 2,000 palestinians dead. much of gaza's infrastructure was the story. after sunday morning's earthquake a number of people saw a mysterious bright flash. researchers believe it's a phenomenon known as earthquake lights. this is video of lights from other earthquakes that were posted online. a researcher from seti institute in mountain view says the light is caused by a quick build-up of stress that makes an electric current flow to the surface. meanwhile a 13-year-old badly injured young man in the napa earthquake wants to be back on the soccer field faster than the doctors think he can. kpix 5's andria borba has the story. >> reporter: from trapped under this collapsed fireplace to recovering in a hospital bed in sacramento, 13-year-old nicholas dillon is the most famous and severely injured
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survivor of sunday's quake. >> reporter: i'm okay. i have ups and downs. >> reporter: he was having a sleepover with friends in the living room when the shaking began in the in the early morning. >> i felt the first jolt of the earthquake. i spun around. i saw my friend. i yelled his name four times, waved to him to back all the way up to the front of the couch. then as soon as i made sure he was in front of the couch where he couldn't get hurt, i started calling to get to the door. just as i put my right knee on the floor, the chimney collapsed on my back. >> reporter: covered in bricks, he couldn't move. >> i crawled out of them. i didn't have all of them on top of me. i had i don't know how many on me but i remember crawling, crawling, and i thought i was paralyzed. i couldn't feel my legs and bag. >> reporter: he remembers family, neighbors and paramedics get him to queen of the valley in napa before he went to uc-davis in sacramento for 10 hours of surgery to put
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his pelvis back together. doctors say the kid who plays fullback on his soccer team will be in a wheelchair for six months so nicholas has other plans. >> i know it's going to hurt. but four months is my goal. >> reporter: nicholas says he is lucky. very lucky. >> my head was facing the chimney. and if i haven't moved all the bricks would have collapsed on my face. if i would have -- i would have had several injuries to may face or i would have been dead. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> what do they say, if attitude is half the battle you're on your way? >> no kidding. >> we hope he has a speedy recovery. 6:15. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, guys. we are going to go back out to sunol. i can't believe it we have our third accident -- third strayed morning of accidents i should say around the same area. you know, the last two commutes the last two morning commutes from pleasanton into sunol have been brutal because of accidents. there's one stall.
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anyway, right now we are getting first reports of a new one southbound 680 at sunol boulevard. we don't know if lanes are blocked but there's slowing in the area. in the meantime, we have big backups already beginning in hayward. they cleared an earlier accident but a traffic jam with speeds under 25 miles an hour in the southbound lanes. the backup begins around whipple continuing down to decoto. all lanes are open. if you are traveling in oakland, things are great. mobile 2 drove through a little while ago through the downtown oakland exits. everything is clear northbound between 238 and the maze, you can see that drive time. traffic backed up quickly this morning or i should say early this morning out of the altamont pass and livermore valley. never fully recovered, no big incidents, a minor stall for a while. the drive time is heavy for the last 15 minutes or so. half-hour almost a half-hour between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. that's your latest "kcbs" drive
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to work. with the forecast, here's lawrence. we have some hot weather coming here for you. i know how you like that, liz. it's going to heat up in the valleys today, not at the coast. out the door we go. we have some clouds early on but it's very patchy this morning along the coastline and just inside the bay and a few patches in the north bay valleys into santa rosa. otherwise, it is going to become mostly sunny and getting hot away from the coastline. toward the weekend, though, we can expect some slight cooling and a few subtropical clouds coming our way could get a little interesting. low pressure now kicking to the east. high pressure taking over. so anywhere away from the immediate coastline, these temperatures are going to get hot today. 99 in fresno. 95 in sacramento. 101 in redding and 92 in yosemite. into the monterey bay 74 degrees. patchy fog along the coastline early on this morning. by the afternoon, that starts to break up and then surging back onshore into early tomorrow. so that means a little cloudy early but after that more sun on the way and another hot day in the valleys again tomorrow. temperatures today about 91 in
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morgan hill. 81 in san jose. 60s along the coastline. east bay looking at some upper 80s, some mid-90s in the hottest spots there. then inside the bay 76 in oakland. 71 and mostly sunny in san francisco. your sunrise times 6:36. sunset at 7:46. looking out over the next couple of days, we are going to keep things hot inland, patchy fog along the coastline, a little bit cooler could get interesting a little subtropical moisture coming our way this weekend. >> i guess the waves are up, too. surf's up. >> big waves in southern california. even here the waves are going to be larger the next couple of days. >> thank you. kpix 5's roberta gonzales is live in san francisco somewhere this morning. >> yeah. roberta, you're helping kids in need get ready to back to school. >> reporter: that's right. you know what? i got to tell you something, i don't remember ever having a backpack when i was a kid going to school. all i remember is i used to go to school in a covered wagon and frank was driven by a model t. but anyway, kids are going back to school in napa most of
6:19 am
them after the earthquake. most are going back to school this week or next week in a staggered start and many kids don't have all the things that they need so that's why we call on eric mcdonnell and he is from the united way. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, roberta. >> thank you for beeping here. >> reporter: a pleasure, thank you. >> reporter: tell us about the backpacks. >> we are excited to be able to create these opportunities for all of our students to go back to school fully equipped and ready and unfortunately, in these difficult economic times, many families don't have the resources they need. >> reporter: so you at the united way, what do you put in the backpacks? >> we put in them paper, pencils, glue sticks, you remember erasers? >> reporter: so some things don't change after all. >> pink erasers. note pads, rulers, we give them crayons. we want to make sure that when our students return to school, they are fully equipped and ready to learn. >> reporter: how do you pick what students get the opportunity to receive these backpacks? >> the core mission of the united way is to cut poverty and so we work with low-income families across the bay area.
6:20 am
so we have thousands of families who are in need and so we can use all the help that folks are willing to give. >> reporter: how can i help? i really want to help a student go back to school and have everything he needs. >> it's very easy. jump online. you don't have to go anywhere. just open up your laptop, computer, tablet, go online to an online store and buy all the supplies you see here. >> reporter: we are going to make it easier for you at the united way. we hooked you up, go to and click on "links and numbers." and we will show you the way to the united way and what you will be able to help contribute to a child that needs everything he needs supplies- wise to go back to school. reporting from san francisco, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. the woman who repeatedly tried to sneak on planes at sfo is at it again this time in phoenix. coming up at 6:30, details of her latest arrest. ,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. june 13, 2012, matt cain threw a perfect game. last night, his teammate madison baumgarner was trying to join him in the club of perfection. baumgarner had the best start of his young career. giants and rockies scoreless in the 6th, and then buster posey, you can tell it good-bye. two-run shot. posey homered again in the 8th. in the 8th, justin morneau with the best batting average in the national league reached out and got it. a double and it's the only run allowed by baumgarner all night. the only base runner allowed. he struck out the side in the eighth and got brandon barnes to end the inning on the strikeout. a career-high 13 strikeouts. a career-high 13 strikeouts.
6:25 am
and then here is the one hitter finished off. just rutledge to pop out. 15th win of the year for baumgarner, giants win 3-0 increasing their wild card lead to 1 1/2 games. what's with the first pitches this year? she makes 50 cent look good. a's leading 1-0. freiman to the wall, gomes hustles home from first. he gets to third base. 2-0 a's. once upon a time the a's traded chris carter to the astros. payback! carter's 31st home run off gregerson, three-run jack ruined a terrific outing from jason hammel. bullpen blows the game. a's lose, one game back of the angels in the west. 15-year-old cici bellis from atherton pulls off a stunner at the u.s. open yesterday. bellis in the far court knocked off the opponent in the first round. she won in three sets becoming the youngest player to win at the u.s. open since anna kournikova in 1996. and, in fact, her father was at the match. and he said afterwards, i was just hoping she didn't get double bagelled.
6:26 am
instead, she ends up winning in three sets. i'm dennis o'donnell on our way to houston. we'll see you for the 49ers and houston tomorrow night on kpix 5. curtain calling cici bellisf atherton at the u-s open.......because what a d she had winning her openin play of the day. we are curtain calling cici bellis out of atherton. what a day she had the opening round match at the u.s. open. dennis mentioned she is the youngest player to win a match at the open in 18 years. bellis was ranged 1208th in the world. not anymore. go get 'em in round two, cici. shears our player. day. well -- she is our player of the day. well done. riders stranded on stalled train. the mechanical problem plus a check on lingering problems with the bart morning commute. >> reporter: this huge pile of debris here behind me is what students coming back to class for the first time since the napa quake will find.
6:27 am
coming up what the city is doing about it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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mals with their a number of pets went missing during sunday's earthquake. now neighbors are pitching in to reunite lost animals with their owners. >> the battle against militants in syria and iraq is hitting home. more on the american who died fighting alongside terrorists in syria. coming up. >> and sky one just flew over 880 showing major delays from hayward down into fremont. we'll explain why coming up. >> good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, august 27. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:30. more aftershocks up in the
6:31 am
north bay. let's check in with lawrence because i would imagine more to come, right? i think so. the next couple of weeks probably continuing to rattle some nerves in the north bay. we have seen over 80 aftershocks already continuing to see those today. overnight, we have had some more aftershocks. the strongest one came yesterday morning at 3.9. that rattled through early on yesterday. but now, we are seeing more aftershocks. in fact, we have another earthquake today a microquake, up near healdsburg to the north there. that was a 2.2. that occurred at 3:36 a.m. that is on a different fault line so maybe unrelated, although it's hard to tell. a lot of these earthquakes that occur along these faults transfer some of that energy to another fault. so it could be related in some degree and then you can notice just to the right of that, we are seeing plenty of earthquakes, that's geysers area where they generally see earthquakes all the time. off. , we'll keep you updated right here -- of course, we'll keep you updated right here on kpix 5. debris keeps piling up after the napa quake on sunday. but students are going back to class today so all the trash is
6:32 am
going to be taken to new locations. anne makovec is live in napa at one of those schools. we can see a lot of debris right behind you. >> reporter: this pile is much smaller than it was just an hour ago. i'm live at napa union high school right now. check out that pile right now. it's about half the size that it was when we arrived here at about 4:00 this morning. this was one of the city's dump sites all items from people's homes damaged in sunday morning's earthquake. glass, electronics, furniture and wood. they just loaded up this dumpster and are about to take it away. now that school is in session this morning, crews have been scrambling to get rid of this debris because it's a stark reminder that things are still far from normal. >> yes, it multiplied three times. >> reporter: this general contractor made several trips here yesterday and has seen the pile grow. >> probably my 7th load. it was just this one dumpster and it fills up in five
6:33 am
minutes. >> reporter: kevin miller with the city organized
6:34 am
pe pa quake" page. meanwhile, the napa county animal shelter says it's pid up a lot of dogs. "you know it's the kind of g you see after the fourth ofy they seem to freak out the takes 4 or 5 days until you start seeing the animals fig out where they are so yeah'l be dealing with this for at least the rest of the week not longer." the shelter says it's alrea reunited about a dozen petsh their owners. the u-s-g-s last night updad
6:35 am
its estimates on the chance more earthquakes. it says the risk of a 5-poih aftershock over the next 7 has fallen to 12 percent. it was 54 percent. the risk sunday's quake was foreshock is down to two percent. earlier. it was between fivd ten percent. hundreds of homes in napa s don't have running water. he is just one of dozens of br water lines. this one opene a sinkhole on craigie court. some people are collecting r from backyard pools and pono they can flush their toilet a napa teenager is hoping to recover from his earthquake injuries more quickly than s doctors in sacramento expec thirteen year old nicholas dillon was crushed by falli bricks from the family's fireplace. he remembers having trouble getting out under the rubble. i crawled out of them. i d't have all of them on top of i don't know how many landed me. but i just remember crawling. crawling. i thoug was paralyzed. i thought i s paralyzed. for the first 30 seconds i couldn't feel my . i couldn't feel my back dillon is now in fair condi in a sacramento hospital. he
6:36 am
hopes to be up and around wn four weeks. you'll find complete coverage of the napa quake kpix-dot-com -- including ak to that facebook page for missing animals. this crash in the southbound lanes of the nimitz in oakland crd a major back-up last night. ai slammed into a small red ca killing the driver. traffic backed up through the maze d onto the bay bridge. bart is back in full operatn this morning... after big problems in the east bay la night. a wheel somehow fell off a n and damaged the tracks near pleasant hill station yeste evening. that stopped trains on the pittsburg - bay point line. trains were single- tracked around the problem area ...o they had twenty minute dela last night. developing in the middle ea.
6:37 am
an american, raised in the midwest, was in the midwest, was killed syria. as susan mcginnis reports...
6:38 am
the man was fighting with islamic militants. pkg trt: 1:20 insert trt: 17 30-39 chy: bianca (last name withheld)/ high school clase 39-51 chy: susan mcginnis/ s news/ washington, d.c. (pkg) u.s. officials believe 33-year-old douglas mcauthur mccain died fighting alongse isis militants in syria ovee weekend. -nats- rebels tryio expel the terrorist group s mccain died during a fight aleppo, and they found a u. passport in his pocket. usi the twitter name duale khal -- mccain praised isis and defended jihad. he said he converted to islam 10 years ago.. a high school friend minneapolis says that was n the guy she knew. (sot) he s silly, he was a trickster he was a class clown and always made everyone laugh. (stand: susan mcginnis cbs news washington) a u-s official mccain was on a u.s. terror watch list. his death is shining a spotlight on foreigners traveling to syro join militant groups... dozs of them believed to be americans. the u.s. is now conducting surveillance fli over syria gathering intelligence ahead of possie airstrikes against isis. (s: president obama/ no chyron necessary) we'll continue to take direct action where ne to protect our people and to defend our homeland." isis already beheaded an u-s journalist in syria and is w reportedly holding another american, a female aid work. susan mcginnis cbs news washington. islamic militants are repory demanding more than six mil dollars in exchange for the
6:39 am
female hostage. the san francisco woman, known for trying to sneak oo passenger planes, was arresd yet again. police at sky harbor airpor phoenix say marilyn hartman loitering at a security checkpoint yesterday. earlier this month, hartman actually got on a plane at mineta international airpor san jose... and flew to los angeles without a ticket. a judge sentenced her to 177 days in jail... but she was released after just a few days, becae of overcrowding.
6:40 am
happening today... some political, business and agricultural leaders will r in san jose... calling for end to what they call a "hi gas tax." the so-called tax goes into effect new year's day. city councilman pete consta and others claim it could incree the cost of gasoline and di, by up to 76 cents per gallo they're referring to upcomi cap- and-trade regulations. aimed at reducing carbon emissions from cars d trucks. time is 6: two airline passengers make national headlines after a fight ovea reclining seat. coming up, e small, plastic device that sparked the dispute. time now for a look at wha' coming up later on cbs this morning. gayle king joins us now frow ,,
6:41 am
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york. good morning. thanks. cbs this morning starts at 7 o- clock. went to menlo atherton high school. we are the bears, mighty mighty
6:45 am
bears, everywhere you go, know who we are ♪ >> you really have to climb out of your shell, gayle. [ laughter ] >> i am working on it. >> see you at 7:00. the waves are huge in southern california today. that's due to hurricane marie spinning off mexico's coast. that system is expected to bring large swells from ventura county down to san diego. surfers and beach-goers are warned to be extra careful. one person was killed and rescuers pulled several people out of the water yesterday. the waves are so powerful, it knocked pilings off the pier in michael brown. don't tell anybody but we have word that apple is about to make a bigger ipad. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. apple certainly isn't saying much about it but bloomberg is reporting that apple is looking at developing a 12.9" ipad that
6:46 am
would enter production in 2015. that compares to the current models which are 9.7 and 7.9." now, the key catalyst for making the bigger ipad will be to go after enterprise customers. businesses looking to replace traditional laptops and apple has entered into a partnership with ibm so this would likely be a result of that partnership. ipad sales have weakened for apple in the past two quarters. the tablet market overall has exploded and there are just a lot of competitors out there looking for your dollars. the big question on wall street is, when will federal reserve raise interest rates? and most don't expect that until sometime in 2015. the "associated press" surveys a number of economists and most of them think the fed is going to wait too long and wind up stoking inflation or creating asset bubbleses such as with the stock market because interest rates have been so low. most of those economists agree with the fed that the labor market is still fairly weak considering how many millions
6:47 am
of long-term unemployed are out there. as well as millions of people that are working part time when they would prefer full-time work. the market had another record close. the s&p yesterday finishing at 2,000 for the first time. today looking at a flat early beginning. let's check the big board see how we're doing so far. the dow is up 2. nasdaq is down 1. s&p down a fraction down to 1999. frank and michelle, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. new this morning, some budget watchdogs have written an open letter warning five states not to offer too many incentives to tesla. california, nevada are among the states competing to be the electric carmaker's new battery production plant. kiet do is live in tesla's manufacturing plant in fremont with details of that warning letter. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: good morning. those watchdog groups are calling this competition among the stays a race to the bottom with no clear winner. it's easy to see why california, nevada, arizona, new mexico and texas were all
6:48 am
vying for this $5 billion gigafactory because it comes with 6,000 new manufacturing jobs. but tesla wants the winning state to pay at least 10% of the cost of the factory, or $500 million. they promise to fast track environmental permits and other financial incentives. several groups have banded together to urge lawmakers to tap the brakes. a letter says it is time to break the harmful pattern of one state winning a high- profile competition. the main goal is the long term growth of american jobs not any single state's ribbon cutting. talk to each other, let the public into the process. strike a smarter deal that will preserve the tax base for the benefit of all. here's carl with the silicon valley leadership group from earlier this summer. >> we have known about solar companies that did almost the same project in california that took four to five years. and the same project in
6:49 am
colorado that took eight to 12 weeks. keep stringent regulations. set sound standards. but do it in a way that companies can meet it efficiently. >> reporter: tesla's ceo elon musk has stayed in the past it's more important to get it done quickly than the financial incentives. kiet do, kpix 5. >> there is no official comment on the letter from tesla or lawmakers in sacramento. the napa quake is a good reminder of how important it is to keep bay area roads and bridges up to date. coincidentally the latest seismic upgrade on interstate 280 will happen in just the next few days. northbound lanes will be closed in san francisco from highway 101 to king street starting tomorrow afternoon. traffic will detour to 101 for the duration of the closure. liz, that means your working saturday, sunday, labor day and all next week? >> what are you trying to do? we'll get you to work on friday on time.
6:50 am
[ laughter ] >> the road closed at 2 p.m. tomorrow a little earlier than maybe you expected or were used to during these holiday closures. bart is on track so all eyes are on bart early this morning. we are waiting to see what would happen with the pittsburg- bay point line. everything is on time. there were delays in the pittsburg-bay point line a problem with the tracks near pleasant hill. it was cleared overnight and everything is fine this morning. on the roads, things will be crowded on westbound 580 between the altamont pass and livermore. sluggish from 205 to isabel and then things clear out a bit in the westbound lanes. gorgeous sunrise this morning. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic not so nice. it is stacked up through the maze. the approaches are beginning to slow, as well. richmond into berkeley, westbound 580 now back up to 24. if you are traveling southbound 880 in hayward, this is our hot spot. look at that. the backups now extend beyond highway 92. it's all because of an earlier crash at decoto and fremont. all lanes open for a while but
6:51 am
expect traffic jams if your commute takes you there. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. lawrence, have you seen the sunrise out there? >> it is beautiful! you know what? one of my favorite drives in the bay area is 880 in the afternoon. [ laughter ] >> i'm sure. >> it is so fun in that traffic jam. >> i heard a lot of complaints about that. around the bay area, we are looking at some sunshine in the afternoon today, starting out with a couple of patches of fog though, clearing out toward the afternoon. even along the coastline we'll see a little sunshine. it's going to start to get hot out there today in the valleys. these temperatures soaring into the 90s. but along the coastline still enough of a sea breeze to keep those temperatures fairly cool. then over the weekend, some slow cooling and subtropical moisture clouds could be headed our way. 95 degrees in sacramento today, 101 in redding and 74 degrees in monterey bay. around our area, looks like these temperatures going to soar in the 90s toward morgan
6:52 am
hill, 81 and a very nice day in san jose. 78 in palo alto. 81 in redwood city. east bay temperatures, mid-90s into brentwood. 90 in concord. inside the bay should be a gorgeous day into san francisco. plenty of sunshine this afternoon. about 71 degrees. next couple of days, we are going to keep these temperatures on the hot side at least inland and then we'll slowly cool things down as we head into the weekend. and then a few of the subtropical clouds from a former hurricane by then, that will be marie, possibly paying a visit to the bay area. >> all right. i guess you left us speechless. >> thank you. >> nothing bad. i got nothing for you, lawrence. thank you so much. [ laughter ] a fight between two airline passengers got so heated the plane had to make an unexpected landing. >> the knee defender, it was placed on the arms of a tray table to stop the seat in front of him from reclining. the woman in that seat got mighty upset. it got so out of hand, the plane had to make an
6:53 am
unscheduled landing in chicago to remove the two passengers. time now 6:53. the investigation into the shooting death of michael brown moves forward today. coming up, the latest from ferguson, missouri. >> reporter: back to school but not quite back to normal. coming up, the stark reminder here in napa of sunday's quake. ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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syria. they believe 33- year-old douglas mccain was fighting with the extremist group, isis. the organization is also believe u.s. officials say 33-year-old douglas mccain was fighting with isis in syria. he was killed in battle. the organization is believed to be holding another aid worker
6:57 am
in syria. a journalist held hostage in syria for 22 months is back home in the u.s. 45-year-old peter theo curtis was released by an al qaeda-linked militant group. the government of qatar helped secure his release. a cease-fire between israel and hamas is holding. it was brokered by egypt after seven weeks of fighting. israel's agreed now to open border crossings to ease delivery of humanitarian aid into gaza. talks on more complex issues will take place in cairo next month. a st. louis county grand jury will hear more evidence today in the case involving the shooting death of michael brown. brown was killed by officer darren wilson more than two weeks ago. the grand jury will decide whether officer wilson committed a crime. the fbi is also investigating. and hurricane marie is creating huge swells down in southern california. beach-goers from ventura county down south to san diego all warned to be extra careful this week. waves are so powerful it knocked pilings off the pier in
6:58 am
malibu and killed one surfer. it is back to school for students in napa for the first time since sunday's quake. i'm anne makovec live at napa union high school. you can see this huge mound of debris here behind me. this is some of the things that people brought from their homes damaged in the quake. and if you think the pile is large now, you should have seen it at about 5 a.m. this is one of several school sites that had been used for trash dumping over the last few days. crews moved in early this morning trying to get this out by the time this school opens today. the city chose schools for the drop-off sites because they were easily accessible but now the city admits things got out of hand with more debris on the way. >> we had the earthquake in 2000. this is the rough guesstimate i'm going to guess that this is going to be about 6 times that event. >> reporter: new trash drop-off sites are located at laurel and
6:59 am
first streets. las flores community center and bernal and third streets here in napa, also. all napa schools back in session today except for stonebridge school. that will re-open on september 2. live in napa, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> and we have a new hot spot to tell you about right before you head out the door. san francisco accident northbound 101 it's actually coming through hospital curve. the latest tweet from "kcbs traffic" shows you the left lane is blocked already backing up beyond 280. so 280 might be your best bet trying to get into san francisco. and a quick look at 880 in oakland, where things are looking okay near the oakland coliseum. >> liz, you requested a sunrise? how about this one! looking very nice. birds enjoying the sun. a great day ahead. temperatures will get hot a lot of 90s in the valleys. 70s and 80s around the bay. even some sunshine and a few 60s toward the coastline. cool down slightly for weekend. >> thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. remember your next local update is 7:26. captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west, it's wednesday, august 27th, 2014. welcome to cbs this morning. and an american hostage comes home. peaer theo curtis's message to the world after being released from islamic terrorists. plus, tennis has a new sweet heart, the surprise star of of the u.s. open. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> journalist peter theo curtis reunited with his mom, after being freed by militants in syria. >> an american hostage


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